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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two, Episode Two

It was a tight race for a while in our inaugural episode of the Jim Burr Edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!, but with a late surge, WIZENED pulled away from WINDED and got its torch snuffed.

We're down to nine contenders, and it's time to boot another adjective off the island.


But before we get to the poll, a friendly reminder for those of you who haven't watched SURVIVOR! in a while: making yourself a target -- say, by posting a comment like: "Why are so many people voting for Drunken Hobbit, it's my totes fave STOP" -- is probably going to convince people to vote your favorite adjective off. Because this is anonymous Internet voting and, you know, it's fun to f**k with people you don't know on the Internet.

The nominees are below, and remember: you're voting for your LEAST favorite adjective. Godspeed.