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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two, Episode Three

"No, Coach: you only get to vote for ONE word."
"No, Coach: you only get to vote for ONE word."

After last week's voting, I think we've successfully culled the wheat from the chaff in our continuing quest to find THE perfect adjective for Round Mound of Mediocrity Jim Burr: WINDED was just as unpopular as WIZENED the week before, taking home a whopping 26% of the total vote, so it packs its knives and leaves. Buh-bye.

We're down to the final eight, and there are some strong contenders in this bunch, so let's assemble the tribes:


There was some confusion last week, so I'll explain the rules again: we're doing this SURVIVOR! style, which means you're voting one of the words below out of the contest. That doesn't mean you have to pick your least favorite -- if you've submitted one of the adjectives and you're particularly fond of it, you might go all subversive and try to vote off a strong contender -- but, whatever you do, don't pick your favorite. Make sense? Good.

Let's go!