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The Official AE Wrestlemania XXVII Open Thread

Each year the national lull between the Final Four and Championship Monday is filled nicely by an event whose pageantry even surpasses that of the basketball games.  This event fills the same arenas that the Final Four does, and its fans are just as rabid.  This is the event that brings out even the most casual followers of "sports entertainment", and has them spouting off catch phrases like they've never missed an episode (And that's the bottom line....)  This event is the grand daddy of all pay-per-view spectacles.  This is WRESTLEMANIA! 

We here at Anonymous Eagle are not ashamed of our affinity for the man drama that is World Wrestling Entertainment.  We also don't have a ton else to discuss.  Sure we could write about tomorrow's title game.  But how many different ways can we write "Kemba Walker is good" or "Butler is again a Cinderella story"?  We'll leave that to other people for now.  Tonight it's all about some dudes beating the crap out of each other in the squared circle.  So feel free to turn off your basketball brain for a bit and hang out here at the most electrifying site in sports blogging, for a good old-fashioned slobberknocker of a game thread!