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Announcing the Winner of the First Annual Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge: Hail to Mrs. Q

In the wake of Selection Sunday, I pledged to operate by a single, immutable rule in picking my bracket in 2011: in the wake of UConn's jaw-dropping run through the Big East Tournament, I was never betting against Kemba Walker again.

Of course, I then immediately disregarded my own rule and picked Texas (TEXAS!) to defeat Kemba and the Kembettes in the Elite Eight.

We had fifty-three (53) participants (including me) in the first annual Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge.  Fifty-one (51) of you followed my lead and ignored my advice.  There was a single person who didn't: my loving wife, who picked UConn to win the whole damned thing.  For the first time in the history of our marriage, my better half listened to one of my suggestions and it ended up working out to her benefit ...

... in a manner of speaking, anyway, because Mrs. Q's reward for her bracket prowess is this: she gets to run the blog on a day of her choosing.  She can write about whatever she wants -- and sources close to her tell me it's likely it'll involve a lot of pictures of this guy who can never seem to find a shirt, with a healthy amount of mocking of yours truly thrown in for good measure, and maybe even a Top Chef Masters Game Thread -- and we can't say boo about it, because, if the standings in the bracket challenge are any indication, she knows more about college basketball than the rest of us combined.

Congratulations, dear.  Please be gentle.