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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two: Jim Burr Edition

It's been two days since Jim Nantz tommy-gunned us with fifteen dog references in the waning moments of UConn's triumph over the Butlers of Butler in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. We've had a little more than forty-eight hours to reflect on the season that was -- to cherish the good, to blot out the bad, to drink the last of our Blue Moons purchased in anticipation of Marquette's Tourney game vs. Syracuse. We've seen the final figures dismount the coaching carousel -- and let us be the first to start this rumor: Buzz to ESPN to replace Mark Gottfried -- and scoured the message boards for info on incoming recruits.

You don't have to say it: I'm bored as hell, too.

So, if it's Thursday, and it's the offseason, we've got one thing to do: ASSEMBLE THE TRIBES.


In case you weren't with us last year, your primer on how we roll with Adjective SURVIVOR! follows:

We start with a person, or team, or referee, or noun. We'll give you a list of ten adjectives that (arguably) describe that person, or team, or referee, or noun. Each Thursday, we'll vote one of those descriptors off the island, until we arrive at the preferred adjective for said person / team / ref / noun. Henceforth, any reference to person / team / ref / noun on Anonymous Eagle will be preceded by that adjective.

Confused? Here's what we did last year. Our target was former Marquette coach Tom Crean. We provided ten adjectives to describe The Tan One -- such as Napoleonic, Reptilian, and Over-Caffeinated -- and, each week, we voted for our least favorite until we arrived at the chosen adjective. In Crean's case, that ended up being "Smarmy." Thus, every time we've referred to His Pock-Markedness on the blog since then, it's been: "Smarmy Tom Crean."

Got it? Good.

Our first target for Season Two of Adjective SURVIVOR! is your favorite official and mine, Jim Burr. I've got plenty of adjectives in mind to describe Mr. Burr (and "Drunken Hobbit" is high atop that list, lemme tell ya), but in the interest of not stifling creative ideas right out of the chute, I open the floor to you, dear readers.

Your suggestions in the comments, please. We start the voting next week.