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5.11.11 Brewtown Andy's Family Feedbag: Sobelman's

Today in the Feedbag, we focus on things that would actually go in a real feedbag. In this case, Sobelman's Pub & Grill.

Do I even need to go into details about how great Sobelman's is? From the fantastic burgers, to the great buns made specially for Sobelman's, to the friendly service, it's all great. Heck, the only downside I can come up with is that if you want to go before a Marquette home game, you need to make sure you get there plenty early, as it's a very popular pregame destination for Marquette fans, with wall to wall blue and gold hours before game time.

But even that one slight downside has a brand new upside to it: Marquette University and Sobelman's have struck a partnership for Sobelman's to take over the location formerly occupied by Angelo's, right on the corner of 16th and Wells. For those of you out of towners who don't get a regular chance to visit campus, it's now going to be extra easy for you to add a Sobleman's burger to your itinerary.

In closing, Sobelman's is awesome, an on campus Sobelman's is even more awesome, and I'm going to need to intensify my workout regimen. After the jump, you can watch the Sobelman's Food Wars segment.