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5.16 Morning Coffee: Paraphernalia Edition

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Dear Texas A&M. You can't have him. Now go away.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Dear Texas A&M. You can't have him. Now go away. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

If you see Mother Nature, please punch her in the face for me.

A no-talent, white trash, southern belle is playing Summerfest.

Ladies, here is Jon Hamm in tights.

Ron Swanson is a dancing machine.

What happened to Jack White & Norah Jones?

CBS chose wisely. So did NBC. But NBC's future? Not promising.

The Muppets are closer than you think.

House has the #2 record in England.

This would be an upgrade for Law & Order.

Somebody lied taking this survey.

Shameless plug: I produced these videos, so please watch. Thanks. Paraphrenalia is the best of the bunch.

Marquette Links:
Thank you Texas A & M fans for all the traffic last week. You still can't have Buzz.
Buzz is a wealthy man.
It appears, but not confirmed that we're playing Washington in the Jimmy V Classic.
It appears, but not confirmed that the Pro-Am is going to be at Greenfield HS.
We can confirm the Paradise Jam.
Buzz Williams taking photos of some of the Chicago Bulls.
ZagsBlog has Marquette sitting at #6 in the Big East heading into the season.
Do you have a spare $12,500?
Marquette in at #25 in this preseason rankings.
Doc Rivers: “And I’ve known Dwyane since he was in high school and I was trying to illegally recruit him for Marquette.’’
Incomparably Incompetent is in the lead.
This Marquette alum is very, very wealthy.
Sobelman's on campus would have made my weight gain be 60 pounds instead of 30.
I usually like to point out a D-bag badgers fan, but this week a UWM student takes the cake.

Random Music Video: Voxhaul Broadcast