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5.23 Morning Coffee: Ice Cream Edition

Next week, this post will be on Tuesday. The Admiral doesn't work holidays.

Video of the destruction from Joplin.

RIP Macho Man.

Thank you Rockies for playing terrible defense.

Living through the weekend was disappointing for this guy.

I'm digging the new Scythian album.

Georgetown University, might I suggest spell-check?

Apparently, she didn't light up his life.

Worst Cover Ever?

Seriously hipsters, DIAF.

That's right kids, Journey has a new album out.

Sorry BrewTownAndy, but the Heat will win this series.

Buzz likes Ice Cream

Marquette Basketball Reading Material:
If you remotely care about these things, Jimmy Butler will technically be an August graduate. Or so said the program at graduation yesterday.
BrewTownAndy picked on people from the South.
The University lets us know what former players are doing in the pros.
Cracked Sidewalks: Jimmy Butler 18th best player?
Brief mention of Jimmy Butler here.
Scouting report on Jimmy.
For some reason Buzz was asked about homosexuality in sports.
Former Assistant Kyle Green is now head coach at Eau Claire.
Former MU walk-on: We are all walk-ons in life, so dream big.
San Jose newspaper has Marquette #13.
Tony Benford got promoted.
Brett Roseboro is transferring again.

Random Music Video: Death Cab