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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two, Episode Four

S**t got REAL in a hurry during last week's episode of Adjective SURVIVOR!: after amassing all of four votes in the first two episodes of the season, sneaky contender BUMPTIOUS got bullrushed with sixteen votes and 24% of the vote. I liked the cadence of Bumptious Jim Burr, but too bad, so sad, amigo -- BUMPTIOUS is booted, and we move on.

We're down to seven adjectives, and everybody's on notice now:


You know the rules now, yes? In case you've forgotten: we play this game SURVIVOR! style, which means you're voting one of the words below out of the contest. That doesn't mean you have to pick your least favorite, of course -- it's SURVIVOR!, so form alliances, backstab, double- or triple-cross, show some flesh to get what you want, et cetera -- but, whatever you do, don't pick your favorite. Capiche?

The poll is open until next Wednesday. Have at it.