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5.9 Morning Coffee: One In, One Out Edition

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Well, the Brewers are no fun to talk about. I do take satisfaction that the Lakers were swept and hopefully the Bulls might be on their way out. Now, I'll go back to not paying any attention to the NBA.

These moms are not ugly.

Alison Brie, running. Bonus coverage here.

I'm digging the new Dredg single, The Thought of Losing You.

I have a new favorite semi-retired tennis player.

Random stupid stat of the day.

I should have bet on Animal Kingdom.

Greatest App ever?

Marquette Basketball Links:
Erik Williams is leaving the nest. TJ Taylor is joining the nest. And now we have 2 scholarships open for next season. I struggle to lose any sleep over the transfer of Erik Williams. Heck, I'm still shocked he didn't transfer after his freshman year. He was going to be a role player at best. Best of luck to him wherever he lands. What is Buzz going to do? I have no idea but I'm not going to spend anytime worrying about. I'll just wait and see who shows at the summer pro-am. I'm just happy the Pro-Am is in my hood this year.
Please helps us name Jim Burr.
With Gary Williams quitting his job - Nick Faust, yes or no?
Cracked Sidewalks talks about EWill leaving.
I haven't highlighted a d-bag badgers fan in awhile, so here you go. For the record, I'd rather have a player transfer then lose their desire to even play the game under Buzz.

Random Music Video: Local boy, Raze - Blue Collar "You ever get the feeling when you're punching the clock you'd much rather be punchin' your boss?"