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6.13 Morning Coffee: Don’t Mess With Happy Edition

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Maybe next year kid. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Maybe next year kid. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Good news for you kids. Somebody else is filling in next Monday. I'll be in Omaha for the College World Series.

We're no longer in first place. Prince is insane right now.

Louie returns this week.

UW plays the "Let's blame the reporter" game.

Logo swap.

Pippa is back on the market.

Oh, Ohio.

Realignment is the new baseball craze, catch it!

Boba Fett needs to get paid.

I link to anything that mocks hipsters.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Yahoo! gives Buzz some big time love: "Don’t mess with happy."
Drunken Hobbit with a last minute rally!
Relive Rubie's epic beat down of Tom Oates.
Someone wrote a letter to the editor about Mr. Oates.
Cracked Sidewalks continues its Warrior Travels.
Why would someone put D-Wade on this list?
Big East Mailbag talks about MU.
An offer on the table is out for Steve Taylor, class of 2012.
Providence looks at our recruiting.

Introducing a new segment called The More You Know: There is a Marquette, Nebraska. Warrior Brad already knew this, but since I'm from Big City Nebraska I did not. How many other states have cities named Marquette? Michigan. Iowa. Kansas. Minnesota? Marquette Heights, Illinois. Does that count? Bonus: Did you know there is a grape called Marquette?

Random Music Video: Dawes - When My Time Comes.