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6.15.11 Brewtown Andy's Family Feedbag: Birthday Edition

Welcome back to the Feedbag, everyone! Today, on the occasion of my daughter's 7th birthday, I'm going to feature something that I enjoy doing with her: playing the Lego video games that are based on existing fictional series.

Now, when the first one in the series, Lego Star Wars, was released six years ago in 2005, obviously she was too young to play. But as she's grown up, I've been able to introduce her to video games and various fiction series that I enjoy through the Lego interpretations of Star Wars (with the collection Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the game based on the Clone Wars animated series), Batman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and most recently, Pirates of the Caribbean. As the games have progressed, they've added different layers of complexity, so as my daughter's been growing up, she's been able to take on new and different challenges in each game.

I'd have to say that her favorite of the Lego series has been Lego Rock Band. It takes the same game play as regular Rock Band, but adds new songs and a new "Very Easy" difficulty level so all she has to do is strum in rhythm and not worry about pressing the right chord buttons on the neck of her guitar controller.

The Lego games do an excellent job of taking the classic stories and characters that you're familiar with and mixing in their own brand of kid-friendly humor to make them enjoyable for everyone.

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