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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five: Tim Higgins Edition

Having found THE perfect adjective (actually, adjective plus noun) to describe Drunken Hobbit Jim Burr, we've accomplished one-quarter of the goals on our offseason checklist. (There are actually sixteen items on the list, if you're curious, and we've hit four of 'em, including: get Sobelman's to put a restaurant on campus; go a full week without writing a "Today in the Court System" post; learn to Photoshop, crudely; and purchase Dora the Explorer backpack.)

But it wouldn't be fair to saddle Drunken Hobbit Jim Burr with a new nickname while leaving his perpetual partner in crime out of the fun. Let's remedy that post haste, shall we?



If you haven't figured it out by now, our target in Season Two Point Five is ruddy-faced menace to society Tim Higgins. We won't eat*, we won't sleep**, we won't drink*** until we've found THE perfect adjective to describe him.

* Not true.

** Certainly not true.

*** Definitely not true. In fact, will be false in the next 15 minutes.

Just like last time, we're soliciting your suggestions in the comments during this week's episode. In a related story: it would make me a very, VERY happy boy if someone -- cough Ken cough -- suggested SHAMBOLIC again.

VERY happy.

Let's go!

(Oh, sorry: if you're new to the site and don't understand what the hell we're doing, read this. Or this. And then join the fun.)