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2011 Reseating Fever! Catch It!

Yesterday was the first day of the now bi-annual tradition of Marquette driving donations to the Blue & Gold Fund on a more frequent basis men's basketball reseating!  I would have provided an update on how that's going, but let's face it, showing you a map of the Bradley Center with the absurdly oversized student section and the Fancy Dan Preferred seating sections ($800 a ticket plus a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR PER SEAT donation!) blocked out would be boring.  Instead, you get today's update.  Here's how the BC looks for the next two seasons as of 8:42 AM Central time:


Hmmm.  That's really not that much more impressive than showing you the untouched map.  Oh well.

Red is nothing available, orange is single seats only.  I'm going to need someone to explain to me how "Seats available, but not consecutive" is different than "single seats only," but luckily, we can wait for that until yellow actually shows up on the map. 

Want to see something really crazy?  There's already 6 seats blocked out in section 400.


And they're not even the front row seats!  4 of them aren't even on the aisle!  These are weird seats even for tickets the university's reserving for whatever purpose they might need. 

So that's how that's going.  Come on back tomorrow for further updates!  Hopefully the map will be more interesting at that point.  And don't forget to vote in ADJECTIVE SURVIVOR!