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The 2011 NBA Draft: Closer And Closer

It seems I understand this internet business less than I thought I did. In my previous look at Jimmy Butler's NBA Draft prospects, I found a list of 12 mock drafts on They trusted these lists to create a composite mock draft out of them, so I figured they were trustworthy enough to consider for information about Jimmy's future. As we stand here, the Tuesday of NBA Draft Week, and roughly 48 hours before the draft starts, only 6 of the 12 have provided updates to their mock drafts. I would have thought that you'd want a fresh new mock draft first thing Monday morning, but, alas, I was wrong.

Oh well.

What we do have from the websites that are willing to provide updates is a safe feeling that Jimmy is definitely going to get drafted on Thursday night., Draft Express, Jimmy's press agent Chad Ford on ESPN (sorry, Insider only), Hoops Report, and's Scott Howard-Cooper all have Jimmy as a second round pick. Only Hoops Report and Howard-Cooper have him lasting past pick number 40, at 43 to the Chicago Bulls and 48 to the Atlanta Hawks respectively.

Our own benevolent SBN overlords have the most positive outlook for Jimmy, slotting him in at 26. Not only would that land him with a first round pick and a guaranteed contract, but let's be honest: landing with the defending champion Dallas Mavericks wouldn't suck.

Earlier today, the Big East's Twitter account posted a poll: Who is the best Big East prospect in the draft? Believe it or not, but as of this writing, Jimmy's got a 2 vote lead on Connecticut guard Kemba Walker. And to quiet any rumors before they start: I only voted once.