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6.27 Morning Coffee: They Might Be Edition

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They Might Be Giants are coming to town. I haven't seen them since they played Marquette's Varsity Theater my freshman year on a date with a girl who was way out of my league. With that in mind, we have a theme today: They Might Be......

They Might Be Mexican Wrestlers.

They Might Be Hipsters.

They Might Be Creepy Ad Execs.

They Might Be Spectacular.

They Might Be Jousting.

They Might Be Gone Soon.

They Might Be Expensive Tickets.

They Might Be Friends.

They Might Be Crazy.

They Might Be Doing It.

They Might Be Hot for Teacher.

They Might Be Not Doing Homework.

They Might Be Fat.

They Might Be Flaming Lips covering other people.

They Might Be Bombay Bicycle Club.

They Might Be On Vacation.

Oh, big thanks to the big BrewTownAndy for filling in on the coffee last week.

Marquette Basketball Reading Material:
JMFB at #30 to the Bulls.
Jimmy was on CNN.
Bulls will bring along Jimmy slowly.
BTA is thrilled about it.
Jimmy Butler - It's a belong story.
Special night for Jimmy.
Kudos to Jimmy for keeping his Blind Side-like story under wraps. He could have made a big deal about, but chose not to.
Former player Mandy Johnson is doing good things.
Story on Travis Diener.

You know who likes Gavin Degraw's music? Steve Novak. Gross. Seriously, he was really into the music on Saturday.


Cracked Sidewalks: Warrior Travels Chapter 4.
Lastly, in regards to this. There is a reason DA John T. Chisholm didn't charge the kid w/ the February incident and it has NOTHING to do with the delay in reporting it to the police. They had all the evidence they needed. The Sexual Assault Treatment Clinic said MU investigated the case appropriately. He didn't bring charges because he knew he'd lose. So he opted for the "make them look guilty in the court of public opinion" route.

Random Music Video: They Might Not Be They Might Not Be Giants. Rival Sons - Pressure and Time