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The 2011 Reseating Continues

Two days down, a bunch of days left to go.  Men's basketball season ticket reseating continues.  Let's check in with our old friend, the Bradley Center Overhead Map.


Well, that's a little more exciting than yesterday.  It's worth noting that in some cases, the coloring isn't truly accurate of what's available.  You see that middle section on the lower side of the arena that has green in it in between two orange sections?  That's section 214.  The map says that everything below Row H is taken, but there are consecutive seats in Rows J through V.  But if you click through....


You find that there's nothing consecutive available until Row Y.  So let that be a heads up to you if you haven't picked your seats yet: Never believe anything you see on the internet until you investigate further.

As for me, I've got another 31 hours to go before I can pick my seats, but so far, my seats from 2010-11 are still available.

Do we have any season ticket holders out there who have already chosen their seats? Better seats, worse seats, same seats?  Stories are always welcome in the comments.