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Marquette's Big East Mirror Opponents Revealed

The full list of Marquette's home-and-away Big East schedule will be released some time this afternoon, but Badger Boy Andy Katz leaked the mirror opponents for every Big East school this morning.

Thanks to some casual investigation by our Brothers in the Faith at Casual Hoya, we already knew that Georgetown was one of Marquette's three mirror opponents in 2011. Now we know that Cincinnati and Villanova are the other Big East foes that YOUR Golden Eagles will play twice.

This marks the third time since MU joined the Big East -- and the third time in four seasons -- that 'Nova will serve as one of Marquette's mirror opponents. Marquette played 'Nova home-and-home in 2009 and 2010, as well. Georgetown was a mirror opponent on one previous occasion -- in 2009 -- and Marquette hasn't faced 'Nati twice in a single season since joining the Big East.