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6.6 Morning Coffee: New Seats Edition

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The new 311 track ain't half bad.

So how long is one allowed to stand and admire?

You can't stop Josh Wilson, you can only hope to contain him.

This concert from the Boss in '75 is damn good.

Coolest batch of photos you'll see today.

Decade of hotness?

Dogs are going to save the world.

If you're a parent, I wrote reviews of things here and here.

I will go see this movie.

By reading this, you are killing the environment.

This cop will be on desk duty for awhile.

I got my seats again. did you? Just don't come and bother me in section 204. We added a third seat and moved over two seats. Sadly, my two-year run of sitting next to Earl Tatum is now over. BrewTownAndy dealt with the athletics department's top notch customer service staff.

Marquette Links:
First off, Buzz Williams is getting paid very, very well. That doesn't even included what he got THIS year. This is from 2010.
Sigh: hack 'reporter' writes hack 'column.' Either Rubie or BrewTownAndy will be giving this an epic beat down later today.
We added a marksman from beyond the arc.
Cracked Sidewalks: In search of Marquette America.
Naming Jim Burr is going to come down to the final day.
DJO has a non-ugly friend.
Women's team landed a new recruit.
College Basketball: An education in cruelty.

Random Music Video: Los Master Plus - Sexo En Fuego.