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2011 Reseating: The Home Stretch

We're back!  I took yesterday off from reseating updates because I wanted to give Rubie's destruction of Tom Oates some space to breathe.  Go read it if you haven't already.  Anyway, with 6 days of reseating in the books, we're looking at a very crowded Bradley Center.  It's nice to see that our Golden Eagles are going to maintain a healthy home court advantage.  Let's go to the map!


Just for emphasis, let's go to the shot of just the lower level:


So, we're up to 9 sections in the upper deck that the front few rows are already down to either single seats or no available seats.  And there's only 7 sections in the entire lower bowl that still have consecutive seats together.  In fact, given how much of the lower bowl is taken up by red, I went ahead and actually counted the number of available seats in the lower bowl.


That's it.  Three hundred thirty-eight seats in the lower bowl not taken by the university for their purposes or season ticket holders.  That's a hell of a crowd. 

While we're here, it's worth noting that the online aspect of the reseating is apparently going so well that there's enough free time for the staff handling reseating at the Al McGuire Center that Director of Development Joe True has enough free time to provide golf lessons to the student athletes volunteering, in this case, former women's basketball player Jocelyn Mellen.  Keep up the good work!