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Adjective SURVIVOR! Hail To The Champ Edition

As I went to bed last night, the polls were just about to close in the final episode of Season Two of Adjective SURVIVOR! With 98% of the precincts reporting, it looked like SHAMBOLIC had this thing wrapped up by the slimmest of margins: a one-vote lead, with 79 votes cast, and just about 15 minutes to go. Since the voting had been open for a week, and since 79 people is about triple our daily readership, I figured that anyone who cared enough to participate had cast his or her ballot. I whipped up a quick WordArt for SHAMBOLIC (because I can't figure out how to photoshop anything) and turned in for the night.

Whoops-a-do. Looks like I jumped the gun here.


And so, with a midnight-hour push, DRUNKEN HOBBIT snagged a come-from-behind, 41-40 victory over SHAMBOLIC, and we've finally got our word to describe Jim Burr.

The rules being the rules: from now on, whenever there's a reference to Jim Burr on Anonymous Eagle, it must be preceded by ...


... or, if you're into the brevity thing, DHJB. As per Drunken Hobbit Jim Burr's wishes, violators of the rule must stop whatever they're doing -- whether they're at home, at work, or picking their kids up from daycare -- and immediately down a shot of Jameson. You've been warned.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to vote over the last 27 weeks. We'll start Season 2.5 of Adjective SURVIVOR! next Thursday, with a new target and new suggestions.

Until then.