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7.13 Morning Coffee: Tight Pants Edition

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I didn't die yesterday at the Rock N Sole. I did however finish in 707th place out of 2,300. Yeah for me. I don't understand how you don't have enough water/cups for a race like that in the heat.

I interviewed Gaelic Storm on Friday afternoon. They like to drink. And I like to move my hand a lot when asking questions.

Apparently this was a big deal this weekend? My Twitter feed was full exploded when it happened. Oh, gotta love the Gus Johnson remix of the play.

You can't stop Mark Kotsay.

My inner geek from 1988 finds this hot.

Man, my pants were tight.

If you ever wondered, Rubie looks exactly like Roseanne Barr's son.

Another Star Wars link.

Only $21 Million for Zookeeper? You're getting better America.

Sometimes I feel like Neil.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Mark you calendar kids, Badger Hate Week has been set.
Maui baby.
DJO working hard.
Cracked Sidewalks looks at MU NBA overachievers and vice versa.
MU lost out on the services of Gabe York to Arizona.
Marquette in interested in the services of Dyshawn Pierre.

Random Music Video: 311 - 'Timebomb' mashed up with video from the movie Short Time.