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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five, Episode One Point Oh

We've been derelict in our duties the last couple weeks, friends, and for that there's no excuse: while we've been busy talking about the non-conference schedule and prepping for BADGER HATE WEEK 2.0 (teaser: we'll have a special section devoted to BroDents this year) and watching Marquette engage in a bizarre pattern of unnecessary self-flagellation, we've neglected to roll out the nominees for the Tim Higgins Edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!

We tarry no longer.


Below are the ten contenders for the crown, and here's your refresher on how this thing works:

We start with a person, or team, or referee, or noun. We'll give you a list of ten adjectives that (arguably) describe that person, or team, or referee, or noun. Each Thursday, we'll vote one of those descriptors off the island, until we arrive at the preferred adjective for said person / team / ref / noun. Henceforth, any reference to person / team / ref / noun on Anonymous Eagle will be preceded by that adjective.

Thus far, we've used this method to dub Smarmy Tom Crean and Drunken Hobbit Jim Burr. Now our sights are trained on Menace to Society Tim Higgins. Help us find THE word to describe him, won't you?

The nominees: