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7.18 Morning Coffee: Truffle Shuffle Edition

Damn. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images)
Damn. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So yesterday I was all like "yeah" then I was "boo" and then back to "yeah" and apparently if I still cared about rasslin', I would have lost my mind.

Least Shocking List to find Badgers on.

THIS. Especially in Wisconsin.

This is a pretty good concert line up in September. (Well Fitz & Folds, that is)

Greatest. Headline. Ever.

The Truffle Shuffle lives on.

Best rock riffs of all time?

Saddest mugshots? Nonsense, those are awesome.

Wisconsin Poncho, dude don't you know? (Win a DVD!)

Marquette Basketball Links:
BrewTownAndy weaved Star Wars into a post about our schedule.
I hate every single one of you who voted for "Vice President of Sales."
BrewTownAndy has even more news and notes for you.
"Best of" Cracked Sidewalks Warrior Travels.
Buzz offered a LaCrosse kid a scholarship.
A ring doesn't define Jim Chones.
Curious if Buzz has any connections to this story.
Rick Pitino was all like: we need divisions and then the other coaches were like, um, no.

Random Music Video: Noah & The Whale