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7.25 Afternoon Coffee: Baby Food Edition

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Sorry for the late post. I know my seven readers feel let down.

Kudos to those who ran in the Tough Mudder.

Even a cowbell can't save them from baby food.

Admiral Ackbar is a bad ass. (h/t One-flight Wad)

Holy Cornholio! Beavis & Butthead are back.

I'm Emphatic ... that this song sucks.

Apparently Milwaukee is Chicago's baby sister.

Lost deleted scenes.

Sometimes the Jay Cutler jokes write themselves.

Why does every kids game for road trips have to been on an ipad?

A non-annoying hipster suggests you listen to these songs.

This is pretty awesome.

More info on Nebraska football than you ever knew.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Why do I struggle to care about the Pro-Am? Davante Gardner scored 55 points. I mean come on, seriously?
Cracked Sidewalks has some observations on the most recent Milwaukee ProAm games.We apparently extended an offer to a 15-year-old point guard from Apple Valley, Minnesota. But with Coach K sniffing around, that one's probably nothing more than a pipe dream.
Jerel McNeal is off to Italy.
Buzz wants to get Looney.
And this Taylor kid too.
The Athletic Dept Annual Report.

Random Music Video: The Head & The Heart