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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five, Episode Three

After tabulating the results from last week's voting and seeing THE SHOW STOPPER get bumrushed off the island, I'm left to draw one of two possible conclusions:

(1) There are a LOT of professional wrestling fans who frequent this site, and all of them share BrewTown Andy's opinion that The Show Stopper belongs, for now and forever, to WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels;

(2) Y'all are sheep.

Regardless: THE SHOW STOPPER wasn't long for this world, and we're now down to eight contenders for the throne as we roll on in Season Two Point Five of ...


You've got the jist of how we do what we do here, right? If not, here's your weekly reminder: we're attempting to find THE perfect adjective to describe part-time referee/full-time barfly Tim Higgins. Below, there's a list of eight adjectives. Next week, there will be a list of seven adjectives. Help us pick the word that's leaving.