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7.5 Morning Coffee: Holiday Edition

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Because of the holiday, readership will be cut in half for the Coffee. So, thank you to my four readers this morning.

We reached 100 fans on Facebook over the weekend. Thanks, Deb Habrat!

I saw Li'l Sebastian's cousin yesterday in the Greendale parade.

I was under 170 for the first time in like a decade.

A damn fine cover.


The economy is down, but STD's are up.

I shot a really shaky video of Matisyahu.

These bands need to put out a new album already.

Anybody running the Warrior Dash the day after Al's Run?

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rubie dismantles the PR staff for their latest bungling.
The Big East home/away slate was released.
Who will fill the void left by JMFB?
Can Jamil Wilson make an immediate impact? JMFB says yes.
Cracked Sidewalks: Warrior Travels Chapter Six.
In case you missed his point the first time around, the man who combs his hair with a brick wrote it all over again on Sunday.
DJO makes this "Top 3 point shooters" list from Yahoo.

Random Music Video: Neil Diamond