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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five, Episode Five

Before we begin this week's episode of Adjective SURVIVOR!: since we're focused on officials and officiating this offseason, a brief comment on the refereeing during last night's U.S. vs. Mexico friendly (soccer term!):

If you watched the match, you may have noticed a curious situation in the game's 86th minute, when U.S. striker Juan Agudelo fed a clever pass (soccer term?) to a streaking Robbie Rogers, who deked the Mexican defender and appeared to have a clear path to the goal ... until he was pulled down from behind -- literally -- by Mexico's Gerardo Torrado, who grabbed a fistful of jersey and escorted Rogers to the turf.

Enter referee Raymond Bogle, who raced in and reached into his pocket to punish Torrado ... with a yellow card. Huh. I was under the impression that the ref got to choose the color of the card he uses in a situation like that, and wasn't stuck with whichever one he drew from his pocket first ("Annnnd ... YELLOW! Oh, you got lucky!"), but I'm not a soccer expert, so I was willing to give Mr. Bogle the benefit of the doubt ...

... until the end of the game, when three minutes of stoppage time were added, only Mr. Bogle decided he'd seen enough after two minutes and forty seconds of additional action. That early exit clinched it for me, and I conducted my own personal Adjective SURVIVOR! fifteen seconds after the match ended.

Henceforth and forevermore, if you need to write about Raymond Bogle on Anonymous Eagle, you must refer to him as Higgins de Futbol.

OK: onto business:


CIRRHOSISIFIED made an unsurprising exit after last week's episode of Adjective SURVIVOR!, claiming an impressive 42% of the vote and sparing me the task of making sure I spelled that word consistently* for another week.

* I would've said "spelled the word correctly," except: I made the word up, so I'm not sure there is an accurate spelling.

We're now down to six contenders for the title, and it's time for supreme elimination for one of our adjectives as we roll on in our quest to find THE perfect adjective to describe Tim Higgins.

The nominees: