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Fan Fests Abound This Evening

Later today, women's volleyball and men's and women's soccer will kick off their season with Fan Fests on Marquette's campus. First up, volleyball's free Fan Fest starts at the Al McGuire Center at 4pm. The team will wrap up its first week of practice with a variety of drills and an intra-squad scrimmage. Players will be available for autographs and all fans attending receive this year's team poster.

Starting at 5pm, men's and women's soccer will host their 5th annual Fan Fest down at Valley Fields. Fans can participate in interactive skills stations, including 3 v. 3, soccer tennis, shooting and passing drills, soccer basketball, soccer bowling, and taking penalty kicks against a Marquette goalkeeper. A men's intra-squad exhibition match will start at 7pm with a women's scrimmage taking place at halftime. Everything about the Fan Fest is free, including the food provided by Qdoba.

Ah, the old college gathering secret: If you offer free food, they will come.