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8.15 Morning Coffee: Dufner'd Edition

Duff.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Duff. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tried to give myself a heart attack, but failed.

It's hard not to love this Brewers team.

Golf was exciting without big names? How about that.

Did Texas A&M get dumped on prom night?

Why is it so hard to be a musician? It's hard to make money.

Darth Tron?

Sigh, Wisconsin.

The Muppets album had potential until I heard it.

Meet your bagpipe world champions.

Speaking of bagpipes: make sure to check out Scythian at Irish Fest this weekend.

Our addiction to technology > our addiction to booze. No word on how it compares to Rubie's addiction to Redtube.

Bama is going to be in trouble soon.

Marquette Basketball Links:
I'm fascinated by the APR being a part of March Madness.
More conference expansion on the way? Maybe not today, but soon.
Buzz is after this 6'9" kid.
DJ Newbill is headed to the Big Ten.
More on Tex Winter to the Hall of Fame.
D-Wade will play 'somewhere.'
Wait, when did the Big East say they wanted Boston College back?

Random Music Video: The Sounds - Tony the beat. Damn you pixelization!