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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five, Episode Six

Something seems amiss here.

After picking up a total of twenty (20) votes in the first four episodes of Season Two Point Five of Adjective SURVIVOR!, our tinfoil-hatted contender, CONSPIRATOR, nabbed 31% of the vote in last week's voting, easily outpacing its nearest competitor, ITINERANT, which only drew 21% of the vote.

I think we need to get Jesse Ventura on the case here.

In the absence of an official recount request, though, we roll on in our Quixotic quest to find THE perfect word to describe Friend of No One Tim Higgins.


We're down to five contenders now, so, however seriously you were taking this mission before, you need to ramp up that intensity by a factor of 10. This is SRS BSNS, and shenanigans will not be tolerated.

Here are the five remaining nominees. Remember: this being Adjective SURVIVOR!, you don't necessarily have to vote for your least favorite word, but it'd be awful silly to vote for your favorite.

Let's go: