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8.22 Morning Coffee: 27 Edition

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My head still hurts from a weekend at Irish Fest.


I don't miss getting voicemails like this.

Why should I change my Twitter account? He's the one who sucks.

Hey Homies, what's up?

Star Wars - Simpsons.

A triple play off the CF's head.

Hipster Thundercats.

A prequel to Wizard of Oz? I hate you Hollywood.

WTF? (via Fark)

Marquette Basketball Links:
Today is your last chance to submit for the Freshman primer.
I sat next to Women's basketball coach Terri Mitchell at a Brewers game last week. First off, she knows her college football. Secondly, the NCAA is stupid. She had a player from Romania fly in this weekend to Chicago. Coach can go the airport, greet her in the terminal, BUT then has to walk her to the bus station. Why? It's Chicago, not Milwaukee. So she then follows the bus back to Milwaukee and then could drive her to campus from there. Seriously, NCAA your rules are beyong stupid and handcuff coaches more than help.
Steve Taylor gets some love here.
A look at the new additions to the M Club.
Mo Acker is going to play in Holland.
Early fodder for Badger Hate Week: LOOK! He found the desire to play basketball again! "I realized that a 7-footer can do more than set high screens on a basketball court."

Random Music Video: Mat Kearney - Hey Mama