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8.29 Morning Coffee: Welcome Freshmen Edition

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3goggles.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
3goggles. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

17 years ago, I hit the Marquette campus. Good god, I'm old. Thanks for that kids. So Freshmen, welcome to campus. We pretty much eliminated any chance at Marquette Basketball ignorance on you part: Our primers covered the current team, the history and how you the student, needs to show up to games.

We've hit the big time, we have an Iphone app.

Why is the NCAA all screwed up? Look no further.

The only team w/ a magic number in the standings? Brewers.

The cool kids from movies you wish you went to High School with.

Like free music? Get two disgustingly fantastic songs from MyNameIsJohnMichael right here.

Beyonce is prego, (insert Jay-z 99 problems joke here)

This is why the terrorists hate America.

Snooki & NASCAR. Match made in heaven.

Damn right, Chevy.

Hollywood is out of ideas. Flatliners?

Marquette Sports Links:
Todd Rosiak takes a break from the Brewers to report this.
Buzz threw out the first pitch at the Brewers game.
D-Wade will be on campus today.
The Women's soccer team is now 4-0.
Marquette Tribune: 8 Rules on being a fan.
The new Lacrosse class is 27 deep.
Nice story on former PG Tony Miller.

Random Music Video
: OK GO - The Muppets Theme song.