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Introducing The Anonymous Eagle Primer Project

Junior wants to see a stack of submissions that high.
Junior wants to see a stack of submissions that high.

Three weeks from today, on August 24, the Marquette University Class of 2015 will descend on campus and move into their assigned residence halls.  While they will bring many things with them to college, the one thing they won't bring with them is knowledge and understanding of Marquette Basketball.  This is where we come in.

On Wednesday, August 24, Anonymous Eagle will publish the definitive Marquette Basketball Primer for those new freshmen.  As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, this is shaping up to be an important season for the Golden Eagles.  Given the importance of the season, it's crucial that the season get off to a roaring start, and we can't afford to bring the freshmen along slowly to the traditions of Marquette Basketball.

The important thing is that when I say "we," I don't mean just those of us here at Anonymous Eagle.  I mean YOU, our wonderful and loyal readers.  We'll be the first to tell you that we don't remember everything that's ever happened to Marquette on a basketball court, not to mention that it's been a while since we were young enough to purchase Fanatic tickets.

With that, I'm officially throwing the doors open on The Anonymous Eagle Primer Project.  What do YOU think that the Class of 2015 needs to know about Marquette Basketball?  It can be anything: important info on the current team, historical info about past teams, things to remember about various rivalries, pre- or post-game student traditions, or do's and do not's of being a Marquette fan.  There's no piece of info that's too small or too obvious to not include.  If there's something you feel that the newest Golden Eagles need to know, then pass it along!

You can contribute in three different methods.  If you have a quick note or a link to contribute, you can pass it along on Twitter to either @brewtownandy (my account) or @AnonymousEagle (the official site account).  If you have something a little bit longer, post it on the Anonymous Eagle Facebook page.  If you have a story or a long list of things you want to see included, you can send it in an email to

Last thing: Since this will be published on Freshmen Move-In Day, all submissions will have to be in by Sunday, August 21.  If this is going to be the definitive guide to being a Marquette fan, we're going to need some time to hammer it out into something readable and useful.

We're looking forward to your contributions! RING OUT AHOYA!