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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Two Point Five, Episode Four

The voting came down to the final hours in last week's episode of Season Two Point Five of Adjective SURVIVOR!, and when the final tallies had been counted, STUB-NOSED had been selected for supreme elimination and CIRRHOSISIFIED escaped by the slimmest of margins.

And with that, there were seven.


Before we get to this week's voting, though, we pause for a word from our sponsor*:

MAN GIRDLES! For the man who has everything -- including a spare tire befitting a pregnant woman. MAN GIRDLES: proudly holding the line on the forward advance of the bellies of college basketball officials since 1982. MAN GIRDLES: because the only thing better than actually losing weight is making it seem like you've already done so.

* Note: not our sponsor. Not affiliated with this nonsense in any way, shape, or form. But it'd be pretty funny if they were.

OK, everybody ready? If not, here's your reminder on what we're doing: this is our hare-brained quest to find THE perfect adjective to describe college basketball ref Tim Higgins. To do so, we're voting off adjectives one by one until we arrive at the preferred word. Thus far, we've eliminated "Vice President of Sales," The Show Stopper, and Stub-Nosed. Now it's time to vote again.

The remaining contenders are below. Have at it.