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8.8 Morning Coffee: Taylor Commits Edition

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Hello seven readers, it's good to be back. I had a successful road trip to CO featuring dead prez, donkeys, beer, Runza's and best of all completion.

Rubie Q's change in habits is costing the cable company millions.


Muppets & sports.

Want to spend $630 on U2?

As a 311 fan, I wish I would have been at Pow Wow.

Dammit Hollywood. Who am I kidding, it's America's own damn fault.

Seriously Weezer, stop.

Fewer people are dying in our national parks.

Is it time for colleges to tap the keg?

Marquette Basketball Links:
DJO is simply filthy.
Evan Daniels was first to report of the Steve Taylor committing. Of course, when I think of Steve Taylor, I think of this.
Why did Steve Taylor pick Marquette? Winning.
Steve Taylor talks in the third person.
IL Preps Bulls-eye on Steve Taylor.
Missouri misses on Taylor.
We need your feedback for the incoming Freshman.
We breakdown Big East Football. But lets not kid ourselves, we'll talk Big East Football, but it's really all about Nebraska joining the Big Ten here at AE.
BTA looks at the season ticket options at other schools.
Random mention of Marquette from a player who transferred in the 60s.
Brewers reliever LaTroy Hawkins is an MU fan.
Yahoo! is going the route of the Bleacher Report.

Random Music Video: Local Natives - Airplanes