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AE's Twitter Cool 100 List

With offense to OnMilwaukee intended, we're doing a Top 100 list. Why? For the same reason OnMilwaukee does them: they're an easy, cheap, half-a**ed way to get pageviews.

"Hey everybody, look!  We made a list and you're on it!"

And let's face it, we have just as much, if not more sports credibility than OnMilwaukee. Wagner? Begel? HAHAHAHAHA.

This list is compiled of the top 100 people on Twitter. Since we're (allegedly) a Marquette Basketball blog, it leans heavily on Marquette athletics. But other cool Milwaukee and Wisconsin people are on this list, too.  We don't discriminate, except against Badger fans.

No way we were going to hyperlink ever person on this list. That would require a bit of work and we were told there would be no work and besides, you're all very smart people.

So here is the 2011 Anonymous Eagle cool #mubb people of Twitter list!

1. Todd Mayo - @TheRealToddMayo
2. Juan Anderson - @juanonjuan10
3. Vander Blue - @VEEZYV1792
4. Darius Johnson-Odom - @KingMe_DJ1
5. Davante Gardner - @iGetBuckets_54
6. Jamil Wilson - @wils0nj
7. Derrick Wilson - @Mr_Bicenten
8. Jake Thomas - @JakeMU23
9. Jamail Jones - @Mr_iDo_Numbers
10. Jae Crowder - @CJC32BOSS
11. Jimmy Butler - @NOT33NOW21
12. Dwight Burke - @Dburke_EFS
13. Maurice Acker - @moacker1
14. Chris Grimm - @chrisgrimm33

*we only include the players out of necessity. Their tweets bore the heck out of us. Except when Grimm buries Michigan State while at a wedding.

15. @CoachAk40 - Assistant Coach Aki Collins
16. @muterri - Women's Basketball Head Coach. Likes JoePa.

MU Staff:
17. @UWPgrad1997 - Athletic Dept gate keeper. Extreme dry sense of humor.
18. @muathletics - Your home for all things athletic.
19. @brianbowsher - the man behind @MUathletics
20. @mikebroeker - The Deputy, indeed.
21. @Luke_LeNoble - MU gate keeper. Very intimidating look. Sweetheart.
22. @MichaelWittliff - "Coach"
23. @timmysimmons - MU guy, met him at the BE tourney a couple years ago
24. @TeecycleTim - MU Alum. Social Media guru. Also @TheBeerRunner
25. @CRStoli - Likes cigars, scotch and Fairuza Balk.
26. @MUMolly - Queen of the MU Lists
27. @MUCollegeofComm - The Admiral got his degree from this college
28. @MarquetteU - Kind of had to put them on the list.
29. @mujoetrue - Was just forced out of the Al.

30. @Todd_Rosiak - Tall lanky dude.
31. @JimMcIlvaine - All-time great. Makes the radio broadcasts tolerable.
32. @DonWalkerJS - did you know Don is an alum? Class of '38.
33. @WisBBYearbook - Mark Miller is simply, the man.
34. @MUTVSports - lots of good video from them all season long.
34a. @MUTrib_sports -  self explanatory.
34b. @PaintTouches - Trib's b-ball specific Twitter feed.
34c. @marquetteradio - self explanatory.
35. @mitchnelles - ESPN radio dude. Puts up w/ Homer.
36. @howiemag - Milwaukee Mag good guy
37. @cfly - AP reporter. Likes obscure sports references.
38. @jenlada - Damn good reporter. Former MU cheerleader. Runner. Biker.
39. @trenni - 620WTMJ'r. MU alum. Ignored the Admiral's advances back in the day.
40. @AndyGlockner #TBW
41. @franfraschilla - Once had his bags packed ready to be an Assistant to Crean.
42. @lukewinn - good guy. Northwestern alum. We forgive him.

AE Staff:
43. @AnonymousEagle *warning* During the season Rubie can get a bit, um, negative.
43a. @Rubie_Q - Snarky half-wit.
44. @BrewtownAndy - He makes everyone else here at AE seem lazy.
45. @WarriorBrad - Fellow Cornhusker like the Admiral.
46. @dwalsh76 - Admiral Ackbar, S.J.
47. @phu800 - He plays the music at Brewers games.
48. @Sec8Skip - Anonymous Eagle's recruiting guru, which ain't exactly saying much.

Other Big East Blogs:
49. @CrackedSidewlks - The original Marquette Basketball Blog.
50. @NunesMagician
51. @CasualHoya
52. @SBNVoodooFive and @USFVoodoo5 and @USFCollin
53. @SBNTheNovaBlog and @chrisjjlane
54. @becb_sbn
55. @CardChronicle
56. @downthedrive
57. @theuconnblog
58. @SmokingMusket
59. @ECoastBias

60. @TimothyBlair - The original Cracked Sidewalker
61. @sarahkirtcheff - Wicked cool MU alum living in NYC.
62. @chadschomber - Wordsmith.
63. @RobHart101 - MU Broadcasting alum. Thinks milk was a bad choice.
64. @cmschneid19 - Had a scholarship offer from Al McGuire
65. @genemueller - Convert. Wasn't a MU fan until his kid went to MU.
66. @Tim_Vetscher - MU Broadcasting Alum. TV reporter in AZ.
67. @KarenWaldkirch - Awesome #mubb fan.
68. @miketotheg - Tremendous value pick right here.
69. @mjwizzy - Made a cool shirt, sources say.
70. @mattfisher84 - Lives in WY.  Sorry about that, kid.
71. @mykenk - The rare non-MU alum who's willing to defend MU's pride against Madison infidels.
72. @Kevin_McArdle - MU alum in KC.
73. @mansond - MU/Bucks guy.
74. @dmaciejewski - Likes: beer. And soccer. And beer. Dislikes: Ron Roenicke.
75. @jouimet - Has season tickets. That's all I know.
76. @marcEbennett - A Grimmace to Society
77. @Reinko - Always good for a smirk when the conversation turns too serious.
78. @mattquandt - MQ is all you need to know.
79. @mualumnus - Zuch
80. @dannypudi - 'Community' funny man
81. @templon - Likes to talk about Google
82. @DVoors - Likes KC & JoJo. We forgive him.
83. @WarriorsForever - Exactly.
84. @klwillis45 - Anonymous Eagle's biggest fan
85. @zajareich - Our second biggest fan.
86. @DonWadewitz - MU alum. likes to broadcast
87. @MichelleAmusic - Marquette Alum who makes music.
88. @Brewcity77 - The newest Cracked Sidewalker, and the early returns are very promising.
89. @Gato78MU - Admiral Ackbar's Godfather
90. @ArmenSaryan The man. The myth. The legend.
91. @mpsever - Sometimes pessimistic Marquette fan and lawyer. That sounds familiar.
92. @go_marquette - We called him a dick and never said sorry.
93. @lab_warrior - Has a foul mouth.
94. @mKnightSky - 4 M's: Medicine, Marquette, Macs, Music
95. @chriscurryKC - Alum. Journalism. Kansas City.
96. @timschuelke - made fun of people whining about the schedule which earns him a spot.
97. @shannonvwalsh - CT to WI to DC. PR.
98. @TeamSobelman - Welcome to campus!
99. @BBaranowski - Another Marquette fan who likes beer? There's a pattern developing here.
100. @zarling - Alum. Comedian.

And one more for free, no explanation required: @DwyaneWade

Did we miss some? Did we miss you? Leave your twitter handle in the comments.

Honorable Mention Time: AKA people we left off, but really should have been included.
101. @JoeMcCann3 - Alum. Sadly live in OK.
102. @mwess Worked for the Bucks, now works for MU but not sports related.
103. @talltitan34 - Tall. Titan.
104. @Mike_Thiel - Highly Influential.
105. @nathanziarek - Founder of the #mubb Twitter tag.
106. @johncasperjr - Despite the Notre Dame football homerism.