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An Apology To Dwight Burke

It's fitting that when The Admiral set about creating a Top 100 Twitter list for Marquette basketball, it would be Twitter that would be the list's undoing.

Last night, MU's Director of Development for Athletics and noted amateur golfer Joe True retweeted the link to the list. Almost immediately, former Marquette stalwart Dwight Burke noticed it and inspected the list. While pleased with his inclusion, Dwight immediately took to Twitter to defend those who we had omitted from the list. And since we're all adults here, we're willing to admit our mistakes. We neglected to include several members of the Marquette basketball family from our Twitter 100 list, and for that, we are sorry.

We really have only one way to make it up to Dwight, and that's giving him his very own recommendation section. So without further ado, we bring to you: Dwight Burke's Twitter Recommendations.

1. @wessywes2 - Wesley Matthews
2. @K_Ellis20 - Krystal Ellis, women's hoops all time leading scorer
3. @mjack35 - Marcus Jackson
4. @joechap32 - Joe Chapman
5. @MUTati_23 - Tatiyiana McMorris
6. @JayC_0 - Jasmine Collins
7. @Emon0500 - Erin Monfre
8. @DanielJohnFitz - Dan Fitzgerald
9. @Jamie_McNeilly - Men's basketball's video coordinator
10. @Buycks_World23 - Dwight Buycks
11. @Mu21 - Joe Fulce
12. @T_Nice42 - Tommy Brice
13. @CoachTtownsend - Todd Townsend
14. @PayalP - Payal Patel, who gets a "media" recommendation from Dwight.
15. @allisonfh - I have no idea, but Dwight says she's family, and we're in no position to argue with him now.

And that's everyone Dwight wanted to see recognized. We hope that this meets with Dwight's approval, and we're more than happy to add to the list going forward if needed.

Oh, and don't forget to follow Dwight, too.