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So You Want to Sign a Big Man? Apparently so does Buzz.


In recruiting news that I've been meaning to write about for about a week or so,'s Paul Biancardi posted on Twitter last Friday that New Hampshire big man Zach Auguste has become a top target for Buzz Williams and Marquette.

Zach Auguste, a 6'9" 205lb power forward, is native of Marlorough, MA now playing at The New Hampton School in New Hampton, NH.  Word from the people that are into such things, is that Auguste has been rapidly gaining momentum over the course of the summer season.  After initially garnering attention from some mid-level, high major schools, Zach's strong summer has drawn the eyes of some of college basketball's upper tier programs.  At the end of August he trimmed his list down to his final four,  which featured Florida, West Virginia, and Georgia Tech, as well as Marquette.  In a report from  Adam Finkelstein on, Zach offered up his thoughts on each of his final four schools.  Regarding Marquette he said "Buzz Williams is a great coach and they get after it defensively," he said. "My strong suit is blocking shots so I think I'd fit in real well."

With that quote, you can probably guess that one of the better aspects of Zach's game is shot blocking.  He also draws high marks for his length and athleticism, along with his ability to run the floor and finish around the rack.  On the flip side, people did use the words "potential", "raw", even "lackadaisical" when describing his game.  To some those kind of words often signal the potential for disappointment in a recruit.  But the reality is pretty much every incoming college big man, that isn't just biding his time until next June's draft, has some of those words associated with him.  Word is that Zach will be taking (or has already taken) his official visit to Marquette this week.

In the event Coach Buzz and Co. are unable to land Auguste, Biancardi also points out that MU is in play for 6'10" PF Phillip Nolan and 7'0" C Blaise Mbargorba. 

Nolan is a Milwaukee native, and former Milwaukee Vincent standout, now playing at St. Benedict's Prep in New Jersey.  He is regarded as a versatile big man that could possibly play all 3 front court positions.  He currently holds offers from Baylor and Maryland, along with Marquette.  While Mbargorba, a true center from Highstown, NJ, is the only one of the 3 players currently ranked in the ESPNU Top 100.  Perhaps even more so than Auguste, the word "raw" is used when reading scouting reports Mbargorba.  But you can't teach 7 feet tall, so Blaise has gotten offers from Marquette, Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Clemson, Seton Hall and St. Joe's.

The one thing all three have in common is the need to "add strength" at the next level.  So whoever ends up being the next Golden Eagle can guarantee they'll be spending plenty of time with this man.  Stay tuned.