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9.19 Morning Coffee: Boom goes the Big East

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Let me get this straight: it's all about football and the money. So we're going to let college sports implode because a team that went to the Pinstripe Bowl last season (their first bowl game in six years) is jumping ship? SMH. The least relevant football conference decides this? SMH. Pitt and Syracuse: go F yourself. ACC: go F yourself. And Big East Commissioner John Marinatto, thanks for being asleep at the wheel. You let Pitt and Rutgers tell you to turn down a billion dollar contract, only to have them bail on you. Clown.

Best case scenario: pick up the Big 12 leftovers. (NOT Baylor and Iowa State.) Warrior Brad will have much more later this morning.

Was hoping to use this for the Brewers today. Have to wait.

Today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Foster The People doing Tiny Desk series.

A list of decent covers.

Photo gallery from the Emmys.

These people are made for each other.

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It's a good thing he wasn't around to see what happened.
Our beat reporter, Todd Rosiak, turned 40 over the weekend.
Al's Run was awesome!

Random Music Video: Noah & The Whale - Waiting For My Chance To Come