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Bring Dwyane Wade To Marquette Madness

On Friday night, our brothers in blog, Marquette Tribune's Paint Touches, posted a tweet. They kicked off a campaign for Marquette Madness coming up next month that just makes sense: Bring Dwyane Wade To Marquette Madness.

Let's be honest: Dwyane's got a lot of free time on his hands, since he's currently legally forbidden from reporting to his day job with the Miami Heat due to the NBA lockout. What better way to pass the time than taking the trip back to Milwaukee and helping Marquette kick off the college basketball season? On top of that, Marquette Madness will be the first official public debut of Marquette's new Jordan Brand uniforms, and it would only be fitting that Jordan Brand have a high profile representative on hand for the event. On top of THAT, Darius Johnson-Odom's already taken to Twitter to raise the issue with Dwyane himself! We know you know when it is and we know you're thinking about it, Dwyane! Make it happen!

You can join in on the campaign by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #BringWadeToMadness. We know that the MU athletic department is paying close attention to Marquette related social media, so if we get enough support, we know the voice of the people will be heard!

Bring Dwyane Wade To Marquette Madness!