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9.26 Morning Coffee: Big Red(s) Edition

Welcome to a week I've been waiting for since 1994 (when I first landed in Wisconsin): Nebraska vs Wisconsin on the football field. This game would have been a ton of fun to trash-talk with co-workers this week. Thankfully, I was let go from my job on Friday, so I now only have you to annoy. Warrior Brad and I are writing a story for CornNation that will be posted later this week. You will enjoy it. We'll be introducing Nebraska fans to Badger Hate Week. Nebraska has always been and always be the real Big Red.

Champs. Uke's call of Braun's homer gave me goosebumps.

LOL Bears.

Listen to the new Ryan Adams album. (via @TeecycleTim)

Lion King? Really, America?

The man who created Doritos has died.

Storm Troopers: used and abused.

Sesame Street crushes Glee.

Songs that had no reason for being popular.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Bring D-Wade to Marquette Madness? Sure, why not?
Basketball-crazed is what we are called.
Five Point Play - Volume Three.
The mock turtleneck won this round.
A-10 is being proactive.
Can basketball save the Big East?
College Basketball is the victim.
Big East - Get a backbone.
Breakdown of who said what.
Thanks Rick.
What? Is Marquette the equivalent of UK football?

Random Music Video: 311 - Wild Nights.