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9.6 Morning Coffee: Leftovers Edition

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Will someone help me with my Labor Day leftovers?

Pearl Jam from '92 at the Varsity Theater. When did MU stop booking bands?

Wish I had been at Alpine Valley this weekend.

Despite what Mike Thiel tells you, Fall has in fact, arrived.

Lots of awesome photos here.


Jeff Bridges & Kurt Russell are the same person.

List of the Day: TV subplots that just sort of disappeared.

Ponytail = No Gold Medal.

Marquette Links:
Schedule is out. Lots of whining. Dear whiners, STFU.
A tweaked jersey has been partially revealed. And so has the back.
Trib breaks down the schedule.
Cracked Sidewalks breaks down the schedule.
We landed a lefty. Some video here.
BrewTownAndy has your weekend recap.

How Andy Katz was able to keep the Marquette-Wisconsin game off this list is amazing.

Random Music Video: MyNameIsJohnMichael - Every Night Of The Year