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The South Florida Bus: Destination: GLORY

Unlike the vast majority of the college-focused blogs on SB Nation, I find myself in a decidedly "meh" state of fanhood whenever the college football season kicks off in late August/early September. I went to a school that doesn't have a college football team (and shouldn't ever have one, but that's a different debate for a different day), and, for obvious reasons, I can't cheer for the only Division I football team in my State.

I suppose I could pull for the University of Minnesota football team, since I went to law school there and all, and truth be told, with a gun to my head I'll tell you that the Gophs are my favorite college football team. But U of M is, y'know, kind of terrible, and it's really sad when you're looking around the Gophers' new stadium and you see that the last Gopher B1G football championship came more than 40 years ago.

I could also make like half of AE's contributors and cheer for Nebraska, and I do follow the Huskers on Saturdays and hope that they do well. But I still feel something like a creepy Peeping Tom supporting my friends' football team just because it's my friends' football team.

And so, given my college football free agency, I've decided that I'm adopting a new rooting interest every year. This year, that team is the SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS.

Briefly, my reasons for jumping on the Bulls' bus, and the reasons why you should consider it, too:

(1) USF 23, Notre Dame 20.

(2) See item (1). Also, and with feeling: HA SUCK IT IRISH SUCK IT HARD.

(3) Ahem.

(4) I like being in the Big East very much, and I want Marquette to stay here for a very long time. The Big East has decided football is very important. Accordingly, to show what a good soldier I am, I will support a Big East team.

Join me or die. Can you do any less?