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Marquette 69, Toledo 60

Ok, this is the first chance I'm getting to write a recap for the women's win on the road against Toledo and I have to be awake in about 8 hours to make it to the BC for the Villanova game, so let's get to it!


Marquette (9-5) went on a 27-7 run across 9 minutes in the second half to take a 12 point lead with 3 minutes to play and eventually beat the defending WNIT champion Toledo Rockets (7-5)! The big highlight was a 1 minute, 47 second span where reserve sophomore guard Katie Young(!) went on a 9-2(!) run against Toledo on her own!

That's a big time win, and hopefully that builds a bunch of positive momentum for the Golden Eagles heading into the main stretch of the Big East schedule.

Four Golden Eagles - Katherine Plouffe, Arlesia Morse, Gabi Minix, and Katie Young(!) - all scored in double digits and the team as a whole only had 10 turnovers! Ball security gives you a chance to win every single time, especially on the road.


Up Next: A trip to Louisville (11-2) on Tuesday night.