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Big East Big Five: Week 9

Hmm. Perhaps we shouldn't include Marquette games in the Big Five. While no one would doubt that games between #9 & #20 and #1 & #20 are clearly 2 of the five best games of the Big East week, Marquette did not fare well in either game. I'm notoriously superstitious (ask me about my game day apparel decision methods), but ultimately, I don't think I can blame the losses on including them in the Big Five.

That brings us to this week's contests. I apologize for the delay of the Big Five from yesterday to today, but sometimes real life intercedes. So, given there was a bit of an upset yesterday, we'll start there and then move on to games involving some of the early season standings leaders in the Big East.


Last Night: Cincinnati 68, #11/11 Georgetown 64 - Sean Kilpatrick and Dion Dixon both broke 20 points for the Bearcats as they went into Washington, DC, and stole a win from the Hoyas. I do mean stole in the literal sense, as Cincinnati forced 5 turnovers in the last 6 minutes to recover from a 6 point deficit.

Tonight: South Florida at Notre Dame (6pm, ESPN3) - I meant what I said when I meant early season leaders. Our friends at Voodoo Five were rather enthusiastic about this game today, but they're not quite right. Seton Hall has a game tonight as well. If the Pirates win, they'll be in second place by themselves, and since they're playing DePaul at home, that's a gimme. Also worth noting: It's not just USF. Notre Dame would move into a third place tie with Cincinnati if they win the game, too.

Wednesday, January 11: Rutgers at Pittsburgh (6pm, ESPN3) - Ok, so this one doesn't have any of the leaders involved in it. But if Jamie Dixon plans on winning any games at all in Big East play, this is a pretty good place to start. I'd apologize to Rutgers, but come on - It's Rutgers.

Friday, January 13: Seton Hall at South Florida (6pm, ESPN3) - Now this is interesting. If both teams win tonight, then this game will be for second place. I'm as shocked as you are.

Saturday, January 14: #17/#16 Connecticut at Notre Dame (10am, ESPN2) - I know what you're saying, there's no chance that the Irish win this game. Well, I thought there was no chance the Irish were going to win AT Louisville, much less in double OT, but here we are. On top of that, UConn has already dropped games at Seton Hall and at Rutgers, so it's not like it'd be a huge reach.