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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? Not Quite Edition

Rubie was the technological genius behind the Anonymous Eagle podcast, so that might be on an extended hiatus. At least until he teaches us the dark arts of Skype.

In the meantime, I'd like to point you towards Six Overtimes, a Big East-centric podcast. The proprietors, Chas Wagner and Scott Wildermuth, directed their attention towards Marquette on their two most recent shows.

First, Panic! On The Hardwood:

What in Deniz Kilicli’s beard is going on at Georgetown, Louisville and Marquette? Chas and Scott master the art of retrospection.

With a big weekend of Big East games coming up, they did a Big East Weekend Preview show discussing Marquette's game with Pitt as well:

Bringin’ the noise as we preview all of the Big East action for this Saturday’s games. UConn goes into South Bend; Nova tries to upset Cincy; Pitt attempts to get off the schnide by visiting Marquette; Louisville’s gotta protect homecourt against DePaul; Will Rutgers steal another one, this time in Morgantown? and Cuse will try to continue the undefeated streak against Providence.