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1.16 Morning Coffee: Pink Shoes Edition

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It's a sad day here in Wisconsin. Packers picked the wrong week to sh*t the bed.

Well Chicago, that didn't take long.

Fine, but Wisconsin has Miss America.

With the Packers out, time to focus on Super Bowl food.

Salma has still got it.

$240,000? You're doing it wrong.

Former Badger basketball player Deandre Buchanan is in a bit of trouble.

"It wasn't pretty" describes ever Badgers game doesn't it?

Booze and Ice Cream, together.

Community as X-men.

Alright, I hate LMFAO, but this is pretty funny.

Placed an order at the drivethrough on Friday morning for a Baconator with no bacon.

What it cost to make Star Wars.

Get bent Buck Bradley's.

Things we learned about MU this weekend in the game again Pitt:
1. Is Vander back to bad Vander again now that we're in big East play?
2. We're getting torched by one player and Derrick Wilson, our best defender, never sees the floor?
3. Jamil is quickly coming into his own.
4. No matter how poor the other team is, we'll play down to their level.
5. This team won't put together a complete 40 minutes all season.

Links, poll question and music, after the jump.....

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Random Music Video: The Big Pink - Stay Gold