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The Inquisition: A Friendly Chat About The Providence Friars

YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles are headed to Rhode Island to take on the Providence Friars tomorrow evening. With Providence changing coaches during the offseason, I figured it would be best to gather up a few questions and send them on over to our SB Nation brother that covers the Friars, ...


Well, this is awkward. There isn't a SB Nation blog for all things Providence College.

I suppose I could hassle Friarblog, but it's kind of a bummer that I can't help promote another SB Nation site with this game.

Wait. Hang on, everyone!


It's okay! I found a replacement source! It's going to work out, everyone! Meet me after the jump for the surprise!


It's Grimlock! Leader of the Dinobots! Proud member of the Autobots! Let's get to the questions.

First up: Did Keno Davis really deserve to be fired for not figuring out a way to keep Marshon Brooks eligible past his senior season?


I saw that suspended player Vincent Council is going to be available for the game tomorrow. Did you agree with the suspension and do you agree with ending it like this?


What's the biggest difference that you've noticed between Keno Davis' coaching style and Ed Cooley's coaching style? (don't say better defense, don't say better defense)


I have to admit, the 31 point dumptrucking of Louisville in the Dunkin' Donuts Center makes me slightly nervous about this game. Where the heck did Kadeem Batts and Bryce Cotton come from?


Ok, we'll get you out of here on this one: Can you promise that Jonathan Xavier is not going to be in attendance at tomorrow night's game?