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1.23 Morning Coffee: Wooderson Edition

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A nice win on the road for the Golden Eagles and now they get to host the always lowly USF Bulls. *takes a glance at the Big East standings* Well alright then, they don't suck as much as they used to. Are the Sun Dolls coming? No? Nevermind. Either way, this is a game Marquette should and needs to win. As Buzz likes to say, "Hold serve at home." Dear students, please show up like you did at the Louisville game. That was impressive.

So instead of two d-bag coaches, we're subjected to two d-bag fan bases? Yuck.

Far more interesting, the Puppy Bowl lineup has been announced.

A rare Jay Cutler completion.

Seriously kids, knock this sh*t off.

Ladies, Kenny G is back on the market.

Darth Vader as Don Draper.

NBC, feel free to bring back Community anytime now.

A$$ end of the 90's, Vol. 3.

Best of The Muppet Show guest hosts.

If Disney Princesses went goth.

Odd 80's movies friendships.

Megan Fox Island? I want to go to there.

MU Basketball Links:
Mr. Kensington's recap of the game. (I disagree, Dunkin' Donuts is a GREAT venue name)
Seriously, road wins don't come easy.
Prior to the game, Mr Kensington talked about Jamil Wilson.
Latest on the status of the Bradley Center.
#20 in the Goodman/Parish poll.
Big East Coast Bias w/ a quick recap.
AP recap.
Buzz spends a lot of money recruiting.
Rob Frozena!
MrsB recaps the women's Providence game.
Free throws, it's all in your head.

Random Music Video: Butch Walker. Seriously, what a great video